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My Favorite Reactions to George Washington University’s New Mascot

The Revolutionaries were welcomed with some mixed reviews from college basketball Twitter.

Multiple focus groups, a random sample distribution and random online activities couldn’t have produced a more milquetoast name for George Washington University. Formerly known as the Colonials, the school announced Tuesday via a social post led by (notable?) alumnus Chuck Todd that the school will now be known as ... the Revolutionaries.

The name change was done to lessen the offensiveness of said the previous name. The new name — meanwhile — is not much better. Nothing done after months of work, the Washington, D.C. way! The reactions from the greater college basketball Twitter audience was as great you’d expect.

Here’s some of my personal favorite Tweets from the day in no particular order.

They wanted a hippopotamus for Christmas

A school with a hippo statue on campus surely could have done better, right? And if below is indeed true, this is the biggest D.C. travesty since Al Gore lost to George W. Bush in the election.

RIP to the Hippo mascot. It had its chance.

Just some political fun

The A-10 might be heading in a direction more familiar to fans of L*****y or O*al Roberts.

She should have resigned years ago, but here we are with judges yet to be confirmed. Just to rabbit trail for a second, there should be an age limit in Congress.

A centrist wet noodle is what I call my REDACTED.

They have a point.

Todd announcing it puts the cherry on top.

If the mascot isn’t a likeness of one of them then what was the point?

Shoulda been the Blue Fog

MMM resident Tweeter Nick Lorensen wanted Blue Fog, and judging from the Twitterverse, that was a popular ask.

The popular vote doesn’t matter.

The “Too Many Syllables” Category

*Chef’s kiss

Many have pointed out “Revs” will be the shorthand and that is just, just awful.

Just leaving this one here

At the end of the day we will forget this ever happened and move on with our lives, but it is fun to have some fun.