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Breaking down Pistol Pete Davidson’s UNLV tape

The Runnin’ Rebels are looking great with their latest recruit

Comedian Pete Davidson throws an over-head pass during a basketball run at UNLV.
Pete Davidson showing some flashy moves at a UNLV men’s basketball practice.
Screenshot, via UNLV Athletics.

The Mountain West Conference is about to be shaken to its core next year.

No, San Diego State didn’t return another one of its players from the national runner-up squad. No, Gonzaga didn’t move to the conference. No, the Pac-12 didn’t merge with it.

This is scoop that even the biggest grif— I mean scoopers in college basketball media couldn’t snag.

The UNLV Runnin’ Rebels men’s basketball team added a lanky, tatted up point guard in the fold of relatively unknown recruit … Pete Davidson. The all-around funny man also appears to be an all-around hooper.

Just watch his tape:

The sweet-shooting lefty has a bag that rivals the best of the lanky guards in college hoops. Davidson showcased a flair with a nifty tuck and scoop, a no-look flip pass that would make White Chocolate swoon, an outlet pass that even Kevin Love can’t replicate, and more slicing and dicing into the lane against the Rebels in a recent practice.

Aside from dating Ariana Grande, I have always seen Davidson just as a normal dude. Except, he is wildly rich (but he is also kinda chill since he gave striking writers in New York pizza).

His hooping against a mid-major team in Las Vegas only solidifies my stance that he could walk into any gym and not be recognized, and then proceed to lay waste to unbeknownst hoopers.

If Davidson has any eligibility left, I would give him a vote for preseason Mountain West Player of the Year. If he wanted he could start on any Big Sky Conference team given his resemblance to former Big Sky MVP Jacob Davison.

Then again, is it that surprising that Davidson is good at basketball. Just ask Lamar Odom and Kris Humphries. The Kardashians have a type, and unbeknownst to us, Davidson is the latest to fit into this group.