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Originally from Central Pennsylvania, grew up in Pittsburgh and its suburbs, and will always consider that my home no matter where I live. I am a licensed doctor of physical therapy by trade.

Jaspers Pull Easy Foe In MEAC's Pirates

Some curious committee decisions lead to what should be an easy opening game for Steve Masiello's Manhattan squad.

Can Aggies Use Experience To Their Advantage?

The Aggies are not the same team they were earlier this season... though they're just as dangerous as the last three times they went dancing.

#FreeUAB Is Going Dancing, Viewers Beware

Be ready for a whole lot of conversation about the Blazers, and it won't all be about basketball. Which is good, since they may not play for long.

NMSU Dancing Again. *Yawn*

It very briefly appeared that Seattle might have a little Aggie kryptonite left in their pockets. Then the game started.

Eagles VS Eagles: I Watch A MEAC Game On Purpose

Because of course I looked at my computer screen and saw the final score and thought "how bad could this train wreck have possibly been?

Jaspers Going Dancing Again, But Can They Win?

They've been here before, and don't be surprised if they make a lot more noise this time. Be worried, top seeds.

Bruins Threes Rain On Racer's Tourney Hopes

The Bruins used some last second confusion and luck to topple the OVC regular season champ and lock up the conference auto-bid for the conference tournament.

Warhawks Whomp Jags To Keep Title Shot Alive

This one was interesting... until it wasn't. O.K. that's not true; it was interesting throughout, just not always for positive reasons.

Where Will the UAB Blazers Play?

If and when UAB loses its football team, the Blazers will probably no longer be welcome in Conference USA. Which conference seem like the most likely landings spots for the Blazers?

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