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Top 10 Sexiest Mid-Major Basketball Coaches of 2024

A look back at a rollercoaster ride covering Hartford

With your time as a DI school coming to a close, it’s time to say ‘so long, and thanks for all the fish!’

Top 10 Sexiest Mid Major Coaches of 2023

It’s the time of year again, folks! (The day after) Valentine’s Day marks the ninth annual sexiest coaches poll! Who will top the charts this year?

Top 10 Sexiest Mid-Major Basketball Coaches of 2021-2022

See who you picked as this year’s sexiest coach?

Hartford Hawks bring Traci Carter back

The seventh-year player is back on the roster. Will this help Hartford break out of its early-season struggles?

Hartford softball joins the protests over upcoming Division III move

Players taped over the school name before they took the field on Friday.

Hartford, please don’t let me down this year

Hartford had their first shot at the title game in 12 years last season, and it was quickly swept away before they even got a chance.

America East playoffs: Hartford wins on the backs of its seniors

6 Seniors, Four 1,000 point scorers, 1 goal

Jairus Lyles late-game heroics send UMBC to first NCAA Tournament since 2008

UVM tried their hardest to defend its gym, but Lyles had other plans.

America East Semifinals: Vermont and UMBC are heading to the title game

If anyone thought that Vermont wouldn’t make it to the tournament championship, they were mistaken.