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Video: Northern Colorado's Dominique Lee Had Dunk of Night Against Weber State

Northern Colorado was inspired in its win over 70-51 Weber State on Thursday night. And Dominique Lee had maybe the slam of the contest

We will take only a little credit for the awesome dunk that Dominique Lee laid down on Weber State on Thursday night. A steal and coast to coast run, where he maybe took off from close to the free throw line on his way to a resounding finish?

That is impressive.

We will take a lot of credit for inspiring the t-shirts of the year so far. You can catch a glimpse of them on the bench at the end of the dunk. Our Big Sky preseason preview had Northern Colorado picked for fifth in the league, and used the words "light years behind" to describe how far the rest of the conference was from Weber State and Montana.

Well, Northern Colorado didn't take too kindly to that and is using it as inspiration this season. We are totally going to get our hands on one of those shirts. Look for our call UNC!