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Record Watch: Eastern Washington's Tyler Harvey on torrid 3-pointer pace

The junior phenom currently leads the nation in scoring and is on pace to break or flirt with conference and national records.

Harvey rises and fires in Eastern's win at Indiana earlier this season.
Harvey rises and fires in Eastern's win at Indiana earlier this season.
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

In a four-game stretch recently, Eastern Washington guard Tyler Harvey shot 26-of-36 from behind the arc, surpassing 30 points in three games and hitting 39 in a Big Sky-opening win over Weber State.

With Harvey averaging slightly more than nine three-point attempts per game, I had an epiphany to look at some record books. I did some digging (thanks to Jon Kasper at the Big Sky for an updated record-book assist), and sure enough Harvey is on pace to shatter conference records and flirt with the NCAA counterparts.

Here's the rundown:

Harvey is currently 69-of-138 from deep this season in 15 games. The Eagles have 16 remaining Big Sky games. For this exercise, I'll assume EWU at the very minimum reaches the Big Sky tournament semifinals, which would give Harvey and co. 18 remaining games. This could very easily be 19 if EWU reaches the Big Sky final, and 20+ with any possible NCAA, NIT, or CIT tournament games. You can already see where I'm going.

At this pace, with a pretty conservative assumption of 18 games remaining, Harvey would finish 152-of-304. Here's how that would stack up with the record books.

NCAA Record: 162 - Steph Curry - Davidson, 2008
Tyler Harvey's 2014-15 Pace: 152
Big Sky Record: 124 - Stephen Sir - Northern Arizona, 2007

You can easily see the potential for Harvey to flirt with Curry's record and that he is likely to blow past the Big Sky mark. Curry used 36 games to reach that mark. My estimate here gives Harvey just 33 games (15 played + 18 remaining). At this pace, giving Harvey the same number of games as Curry would leave Harvey with the record at 166 made threes.

Tyler Harvey's 2014-15 Pace: 304
Big Sky Record: 264 - Shannon Taylor - Eastern Washington, 1999
(I couldn't find a reliable NCAA record for attempts)

As for career marks, Harvey would dang-near get close to the Big Sky career record for made threes with an entire senior season still ahead. (As a sophomore, Harvey was 109-of-252 from three and was 23-of-53 as a freshman.)

If he could somehow duplicate this year's pace over 18 more games and then again for his entire senior year (I know, I'm assuming a lot here, but just painting a picture), he'd get very close to the NCAA record.

NCAA Record: 457 - J.J. Redick, Duke
Harvey's Pace after Senior Season: 436
Big Sky Record: 308 - Ross Land, Northern Arizona
Harvey's Pace after This Season: 284

That 436 number would put him third all-time behind only Redick and David Holston from Chicago State, who made 450 threes.

Harvey's Pace after Senior Season: 913
Big Sky Record: 724 - Kelly Golob, Northern Arizona
Harvey's Pace after This Season: 609

Of course, this is based on a lot of assumptions. So far this season, Harvey is shooting 50% from deep. Shooting that average has been done before by many shooters, but that doesn't make it easy -- especially with the quantity at which Harvey is shooting.

The "pace after senior season" numbers assume even more: would and could he realistically shoot 304 three-pointers in each of two consecutive seasons? Would/could he make them at the same torrid pace? Does Harvey light the Big Sky on fire, shoot the Eagles to a first-round victory in the NCAA tournament, break the NCAA single-season threes mark, and enter the draft early?

A lot can and probably will happen between now and even the end of this season, let alone a potential senior year for Harvey. But as for now, he's scorching nets at a record pace.