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Tyler Harvey snubbed from first-ever Jerry West Shooting Guard Award finalists

The nation's leading scorer misses the final cut for a top award at a position scorers play.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Basketball Hall of Fame has partnered with ESPN to launch a new set of college basketball awards this season, five awards for the nation's best player at each position, named after five all-time greats for each position:

Bob Cousy Award - Point Guard
Jerry West Award - Shooting Guard
Julius Erving Award - Small Forward
Karl Malone Award - Power Forward
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Award - Center

The finalists for the Jerry West Award have been announced. Five fine players, but one glaring omission.

Jerian Grant - Notre Dame
D'Angelo Russell - Ohio State
Buddy Hield - Oklahoma
Ron Baker - Wichita State
Tyler Haws - BYU

I'm not here to say who shouldn't be on this list (although there has been some consternation about if Grant and Russell are actually shooting guards). Fine talents. From the MMM world, Ron Baker is an all-around stud and Tyler Haws is a scoring automaton, sent from heaven to remind us what a shooting guard should look like offensively.

But I would submit that the omission of Eastern Washington junior Tyler Harvey from the final five is an egregious mistake for the first-time award.

Am I taking pointless awards too seriously? I am. But having just personally witnessed Harvey take over a game and hit the most ridiculously-contested threes I've ever seen, I'm here to make his case. (The opponent's coach called Harvey "the best tough-shot maker I've seen.")

Aside from anecdotal evidence from my own eyes, where I've seen Harvey do quite ridiculous things shooting the basketball, and the fact that at a position known for scoring, Harvey leads the nation --  I'll let numbers do the talking. Here is how Harvey stacks up in key categories against the five finalists:







Tyler Harvey

22.9 (1)

.466 (3)

.429 (1)

.841 (2)

27.1 (3)

Jerian Grant


.494 (1)




D'Angelo Russell






Buddy Hield






Ron Baker






Tyler Haws




.874 (1)

28.0 (1)

Harvey leads the field in 2 of the 5 offensive indicators and is no worse than 3rd in the others.

Yes, defense is part of basketball, and the page for the West award does highlight his defensive prowess. I'm just not sure how you omit the nation's leading scorer from a list of best shooting guards.