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Longwood's Shaq Johnson No Longer Facing Charges in Party Brawl

A judge has ruled that the case against Longwood's Shaq Johnson will no longer go forward. Johnson was facing felony charges for his part in a fight at a party in August.


Longwood's Shaq Johnson will no longer be facing felony charges for his part in a fight that occurred at a campus party near the end of August. A judge in the case has ruled "nolle prosequi" in the matter, which means that the prosecutor has decided not to continue with the case.

Johnson had been involved in a fight at a party after reportedly losing a dance competition at the party. According to the police, he punched a student at another college in the face, which lead to some pretty harsh charges being levied against him.

In the time following the incident, Mid-Major Madness has learned that several witnesses emerged supporting a different version of the events which occurred that night. According to those witnesses, there was no dance off, and Johnson played a different role in the fight than portrayed in the initial reports.

He was not suspended from the team and was allowed to continue practicing. It is not known if he will face any further disciplinary action from the incident.

Johnson arrived at Longwood after disciplinary problems led to him being released from the team at Auburn. He is expected to be a major part of the Longwood backcourt rotation during the upcoming season.