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Longwood Introduces New Logos and Brand Identity

Longwood has introduced a brand new logo and alternates. They seem to have pleased a little more than recent attempts at rebranding.

Longwood Athletics

It seems that next year is the year of the logo, with so many school introducing new revamped looks to their old logos.

The latest effort comes from Longwood, which modernized the look of their logo and added three alternate versions, one of which is a throwback that was primarily used by the baseball team.

The unveiling happened through the use of a pretty cool video that starts with the new image which adds a darker shade and makes the lance look a little more menacing than in its previous incarnation.

If we have to rank this with recent unveilings, I would say that our resident Lancer, Parks Smith, should be very pleased, as this might be the best brand refresh so far. The VCU redesign probably comes in second, because it is a unique use of the Ram in the mark. The timing though has to cause demerits for it, because it happened in the middle of the basketball season, putting all the uniforms out of date compared to what was shown on the screen during the Rams' single NCAA Tournament game.

Austin Peay may have the "superhero villian" award for their introduction of a meaner looking Governor. He basically looks like the Spiderman spider bit Rich Uncle Pennybags from Monopoly and turned him into a mutant landlord:


After that its a tossup between the failed launch of a new Stephen F. Austin logo, which was greeted with overwhelming hostility on Twitter, and the Appalachian State introduction of this guy:



So, yeah, Longwood wins big time for this effort.