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ESPN's Myron Medcalf Makes His Mid-Major Picks

If you need a good refresher on all that is happening outside of the big leagues, then Myron Medcalf has assembled one for you at ESPN. If you are looking to be wowed with a few upset picks heading into the year, then you have come to the wrong place.


Not everyone focuses on the mid-major ranks like we do, or they pick a few teams to watch and that is it for the season unless someone goes off like Harvard and Murray State did at the beginning of last year.

ESPN, for the sake of completeness I am guessing, had Myron Medcalf make his picks across all of the non-major conferences as defined by the World Wide Leader. Basically he picked a winner in every conference we cover except for in Conference USA (you can get a good look at picks for CUSA from Ken Pomeroy).

My only problem with the piece is that Medcalf didn't really go out on the limb with any of his picks. Now I am not saying that I would have chosen someone different in any of the leagues. I might have had the exact same set of choices.

But this is the time of year to be bold. We did it with our Davidson to the Final Four/Championship Game comment. We did it with our panning of Wichita State, and our doubts about Long Beach State. I am pretty sure that Dr. Geeves is certain South Alabama will find a way to win in the Sun Belt thanks to the enthusiasm of head coach Ron Arrow (even if he didn't write it).

The point is that if you are going to have any fun with college basketball, you have to do something different in the same way that you will pick upsets in March because it brings you joy to go against the grain.

Even with the chalkiness of the selections, Medcalf has some nice sleepers and players to watch buried in the piece. That makes it a good read if you haven't been paying attention and need a quick primer before diving into our deeper analysis here.