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Official Statement from Old Dominion On Blaine Taylor

Here is the official statement by Old Dominion on the firing of Blaine Taylor, as given by athletic director Wood Selig:

"As the athletic director at Old Dominion University, my primary responsibility is to our student athletes, and our intercollegiate athletic programs. As such, I am always going to try to base any decisions on those two guiding principles. After a comprehensive review of the men's basketball program, and with the support of President John Broderick, I am relieving Blaine Taylor of his duties as Old Dominion University's head men's basketball coach, effective immediately. This decision is not based solely on wins and losses, but on a number of factors by which a head coach is evaluated. At this point, in regard to our head men's basketball coach, our student athletes need mentorship, leadership and guidance. Our fans and alumni need encouragement. Our administration needs confidence in our leadership. Effective today, I have appointed Associate Head Coach Jim Corrigan as the interim head coach through the remainder of the season. Jim has been with the program 18 years, and I have great confidence in Jim's ability to guide the team the rest of the year. We are not giving up on our student athletes or the program. Today's announcement is about addressing the present and the future needs of our men's basketball program. We want to make the most of our remaining eight games and put our student athletes in position for success. I want to thank Blaine and his family for everything they have contributed to Old Dominion University over the past 11 years. Blaine's student athletes have always shown great character and tremendous heart. They have enjoyed considerable athletic and academic success. They have gone on to become productive citizens in their communities following their graduation from the University. In those regards, Blaine has led a model program - all of which has made for a difficult decision today. But as previously stated, my primary focus is our student athletes and the future of our men's basketball program. As this is an institutional personnel issue, I cannot comment further, and I trust you will respect that position. "