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Charleston Coach Doug Wojcik Under Investigation for Verbal Abuse of Players

The two-year head coach of Charleston, Doug Wojcik, is under investigation for allegedly verbally abusing his players. School administrators have taken no action and have yet to comment.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Doug Wojcik is in hot water, and it is all because he turned the temperature of his speech up against his players. The Charleston basketball coach is under investigation after allegations of verbal abuse of his players surfaced.

According to's Gary Parrish, this could lead to Wojcik being placed on probation by the school. first reported the issue Tuesday night, and indicated that the investigation is looking into the daily treatment of the players and also focusing on a specific incident. Players have met with school officials this week to discuss the matter.

Wojcik would be entering his third season in charge of the Cougars, and has a record of 38-29 in his previous two seasons. After this year, there would be just two seasons remaining on his contract.

Green Bay coach Brian Wardle was accused of similar incidents prior to the 2013-14 season by his former players. He was ultimately allowed to keep his job as coach following an investigation, and was assigned an advisor for the season to help him improve the ways in which he interacts with his players.