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Drexel's Damion Lee Breaks Hand, Out For Season

For the second year in a row, Damion Lee's season will end earlier than it should. The Drexel junior will miss the rest of this year because of a broken hand.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

There may be no player more valuable to his team in the Colonial Athletic Association than Drexel's Damion Lee. On a team that has seen massive attrition because of injuries, Lee had managed to pull the Dragons into the middle of the conference race, and into a role as a possible spoiler in the conference tournament.

That dream of spoiler ended Sunday as the school announced that Lee will miss the remainder of the season because of a broken hand.

Lee scored 30 points in Saturday's overtime loss to Northeastern to up his season average to 21.4 points per game to go with more than six rebounds and two assists. More importantly, he was averaging 38 minutes per game, a key cog in the Drexel offense, defense, and just hopes for a win on any given game night.

This is the second season in a row that Lee will not finish the season at the same time as the rest of his team. He tore his ACL early in the 2013-14 season and missed 25 games for the Dragons, who limped to a 16-14 record without him.

Through three shortened seasons, Lee has scored 1106 points for the Dragons, who sit sixth in the CAA at 8-8.