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Damion Lee to graduate from Drexel and transfer out of program

Damion Lee has announced that he will graduate from Drexel in June and transfer out of the program.

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Damion Lee will graduate from Drexel in June, and transfer out of the program, according to reports from multiple sources.

Lee was one of the few bright spots in the Drexel lineup over the last three seasons, after almost leading the Dragons into the NCAA Tournament as a freshman. Since then it has been a struggle for the point guard.

Despite his stellar play -- even battling through injuries -- the Dragons just haven't been able to put anything around him to take the team to the next level.

In parts of four seasons totaling 95 games, Lee scored 1538 points (16.2 avg.), and had 185 assists (1.9). He was primarily an offensive talent for the Dragons, although his defense improved over his career. He was asked to take over more of the point guard duties after Frantz Massenat left, and Major Canady was hurt, but his primary role was never that of a distributor as his real talent lay in generating his own offense.

The loss of Lee leaves an already offense-starved team in need of a serious talent injection for next season. They are already expecting transfer Miles Overton to contribute when he is eligible at the end of December, and Canady should hopefully be healthy next season.

But this is an offense that was 334th in shooting percentage this year, and that was with Lee doing the heavy lifting.

Expect Lee to be a big name in the transfer market with some high quality teams looking to add the star for his final year.