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Moving Day: Creighton to the Big East

The new Big East announced that Creighton will be one of the first 10 members of the new league. What does this mean for the Valley, the Jays, and most importantly, the future of mid-major basketball.

GameDay Fantasy Lineups: They're Doing It Wrong

Digger Phelps, Jay Bilas and Jalen Rose each picked five players in an ESPN college basketball fantasy league. But they were doing it wrong. We give them the team they should have picked if they really wanted to win.

"Doug McDermott is Like..."

If you had to pick one former player to compare Doug McDermott with, who would it be? We present a few options and then look a little deeper at ESPN's pick for the closest stat comparison.

Bracket Busters Busted: A Goodbye to the Event

ESPN recently announced that this will be the final year for the Bracket Busters event. This is both a blessing and a curse, depending on whom you talk with.

Requiem For A Running Ute

A brilliant college basketball coach who obscured himself from the world through a mix of humor and eccentricity died Saturday. You'll also find a deeply complex individual whose impact on the game is undeniable.

Big East Not Quite a Mid-Major Conference ... Yet

The Big East added Tulane to the mix for basketball, starting in 2014. Even with the addition of most of the original Conference USA programs, Mike Aresco's conference remains above the mid-major line ... but it is getting closer.

The Top 50 Mid-Major Players, Ranked By Us

Sure we railed on lists before, but why not contribute to the madness? Here are our top 50 players among the mid-major ranks for the coming season. I am sure there are some surprises on the list. And you wouldn't believe how hard this is.

Is It Too Late to Save Binghamton Basketball?

Two more arrests associated with the troubled Binghamton basketball team should start to raise questions within the administration. Has the little amount gained since the transition to Division 1 been worth all the headaches that have come with it?

Major Programs: Keep Hands Off Mid-Major Recruits

Mike Brey recently signed Austin Torres, a player that had originally verbally committed to Central Michigan. CBS' Jeff Borzello has said this is a growing trend in recruiting which should have mid-major coaches (and the players involved) very wary.

Marlin: "We Made Him Get An Eye Exam"

As we continue our series of interviews with names and faces around the mid-major rank, we sit down with Bob Marlin at Louisiana-Lafayette to discuss the upcoming season, including his massive roster turnover, eye exams, and offense-by-committee.

Sioux Fight On? NCAA Approves Some Carryover

The University of North Dakota, after a long and contentious battle with the NCAA, has been granted concessions as a means of phasing out their "offensive" Native American imagery and moniker.

Michael Haynes: "Cowards run to guns in a fight"

In a city plagued by violence, Iona's Michael Haynes dreamed of making the NBA and getting his family to a better place. He was gunned down before he had the chance. I hope that his story can help end the insanity on Chicago's South Side.

Notre Dame's Move Could Impact Mid-Majors

Notre Dame has begun the ripple effect of conference realignment once again. Nick Fasulo makes his debut at Mid-Major Madness with a look at how this could trickle down to the little guys with a fantastic idea.

35 or Bust: Don't Change My Shot Clock

Changing the college basketball shot clock to 24 seconds has turned into the issue of the week. But doing so could serve to staunch the diversity that lives and breaths in the college game. Mid-Major Madness offers its take.

Rick Majerus: A Coach in Peril

Rick Majerus' heart - and the possibly poor job he's done paying attention to it - have forced him once again to step away from the game he loves. Little guys everywhere are a little lesser for it.

Evaluating Murray State's Isaiah Canaan

Murray State's Isaiah Canaan has had a strange development curve, which makes projecting his value senior year difficult. Will he improve even further to become a Naismith candidate, or is there regression in his future?

Temple Addition of Boston University's Jake O'Brien Fills Gap, Adds Depth

Boston University's Jake O'Brien is transferring to Temple where he should move right into the starting lineup. We look at possible value projections for the senior, misplaced perceptions, and a quick guess at Temple's coming year.

Scrapping NCAA's APR Because of Flaws Doesn't Make Sense

Should the NCAA get rid of the APR measure and its new eligibility requirements? Yes, according to two recent ESPN columns. We offer a counter argument, saying fix the flaws, don't scrap the system.

Will Creighton's Doug McDermott Be The Best College Player Next Year?

There is a new set of player projections developed by Drew Cannon, focusing on the best returning players. We take a look at the mid-major players on the list, and how well it matches the eye test, and our gut feelings.

Changing Eligibility Standards Could Lead to 'Outbreak' of Basketball Academies

The NCAA released new eligibility standards, the results of which won't be known for years. Let's picture the basketball landscape a decade down the road. We might have an "Outbreak" of basketball-focused schools everywhere.

College Basketball Transfer Process Needs to Be Simpler

If we want to get the transfer process under control, the NCAA needs to close all of the loopholes. Here is what we would add to simplify the plan.

The One-Hit Wonders of the Mid-Major Ranks

Is your college basketball team designed to run around the game of a single player? You might be a "one-hit wonder". Here are five teams we identified from last season that meet the criteria.

Bilas in the Big East Could Be Harmful for Mid-Majors

If Rick Pitino pushes hard for Jay Bilas to be hired as the Big East commissioner, it could actually happen. Every mid-major team has reason to fear this move.

5 Steps to a Mid-Major Heisman Trophy Winner

What special combination of skills and luck would a mid-majorlayer need to win the Heisman Trophy? We nominate a five step system for success, but it might still be harder than a mid-major basketball player winning the Naismith.

Up-Transfers Draining the Life Blood of Mid-Major Hoops

A Sports Illustrated piece looks at the rising trend in up-transfers in college basketball. The side effect? The best mid-major talent takes off, leaving rising programs in the lurch.

What If Heisman Winner Bo Jackson Had Played Basketball? An EA Sports What If

Could George Mason have benefited from a little extra push when they made the Final Four in 2006? Perhaps Heisman Trophy winner Bo Jackson could have made the difference.

National Media: SDSU's Nate Wolters Is Already Good

Nate Wolters has been turning out seasons of 20 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists for the past two seasons. So why is he suddenly being touted as a breakout player?

2013 NBA Draft: Never Too Soon To Know

Backtracking a bit to show you an early preview of the 2013 NBA Draft class and the wonderful plethora of mid-major names that show up.

Tip-Off Marathon Gives Some Chance to Shine, But Could Leave Fans Wanting

The tip-off marathon features some teams in games that should help them come March. But will this year's slate leave us wanting more from the November tip-off?

Moving Day for Mid-Majors: What Schools Will Find In New Conference Homes

Twenty schools changed leagues Monday in a massive moving day. How did the mid-major teams do with their choice of new homes?

How Carl Lewis Explains It All: My Favorite Olympic Moment

When Carl Lewis lost to Ben Johnson in 1988, there was an 11-year-old boy who was crushed at the same time. Redemption was just a few days away.

The NCAA Basketball Buzzer Beater That Rules Them All

There are many sports memories that stick out from the NCAA Tournament. But there is one buzzer beater that tops them all.


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