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Former UWGB Coach returns to counsel Wardle

Dick Bennett comes back to the university to help Brian Wardle

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

After surviving an independent investigation, Wisconsin-Green Bay men's basketball coach Brian Wardle will have a familiar face advising him throughout the season. The Green Bay Press-Gazzette reported former UWGB coach Dick Bennett will return to the program to act as a special adviser to the coach. This is all part of the conditions the University laid out on May 24 stating "Coach Wardle will be assigned an adviser for the 2013-14 season, with the goal of improving some of the ways in which he motivates student athletes."

Bennett was the UWGB coach from 1985 until he moved on to the University of Wisconsin in 1995. He will not be a full time member of the staff as he said "I’m not going to be around there all the time because I’m gone a lot in the winter. We just try to make contact with one another every week by phone or if I get to Green Bay we’ll sit down and talk about things. I’m very impressed with his maturity and commitment to that program. I’m one who knows what is it like to get in trouble for your passion. I understand mistakes that are made out of passion, and I think they’re always forgivable."

During Bennett's decade at the university he led the team to 2 NCAA tournament appearances and a 187-109 record.

Wardle credits Bennett's help in the past as one of the reasons for his success. In a letter to season ticket holders he stated:

"Phoenix Hall of Famer and legendary coach Dick Bennett has been a great mentor and supporter of mine since I became the head coach at Green Bay, and today I am excited to announce that during the 2013-14 season he will be serving as an an advisor to our coaching staff"