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Detroit Titans and Oakland Golden Grizzlies renew their rivalry in a new fashion

Detroit's Tommy Titan decides to travel 30 minutes north to harass Grizz the Golden Grizzly.

A hat tip to Bill Potter for sharing this video via Twitter.

Oakland and Detroit play each other on Valentine's Day in Oakland's O'rena. If you've seen these teams play each other previously, there's obviously no love lost between the two. The mascots decided to get in the fun with Tommy Titan sitting watching an Oakland practice before being chased out by Grizz. Tommy knocked Grizz's lunch tray out of his hands after Grizz had ordering what must be his favorite chicken sandwich. All this while Greg Kampe watches!

Will Travis Bader "inadvertently" throw his first shot towards Tommy Titan for pay back? Will we see Evan Bruinsma come out and tackle Grizz? Or will the teams just play basketball? Anything's possible that's for sure and we'll enjoy every minute of it.