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Rumors of University of Akron name change to Ohio Tech heating up

Could we soon be rooting for the Ohio Tech Zips?

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

According to an Akron Beacon Journal news article, rumors of an imminent name change for the University of Akron are heating up on campus.

During an internal meeting, University President Scott Scarborough showed a slide deck that featured a new Ohio Tech seal, and football uniforms featuring the Ohio Tech name. The slides were obtained by the Beacon Journal in an open records request.

This has added fire to the rumors that Scarborough would like to change the school's name wholesale to "the Ohio Tech University" (yes, there is that "the" again. What is with you Ohio?), instead of just the rebranding effort which has added "Ohio's polytechnic university" to the name.

While the university has tried to calm these rumors, more and more people are saying they believe that the change will be announced on Jan. 1, although when the name would take effect is not known as the state legislature would need to approve the new name.

Here is what we at Mid-Major Madness do know:

  • This will not change the quality of the Akron football team, despite it looking more like Texas Tech, Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech.
  • Akron fans will need to come up with a chant for when someone on the opposing team gets a technical foul.
  • It is awesome that the name of the president of the Akron chapter of the American Association of University Professors is John Zipp.