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Northeastern Huskies Get Midnight Dunk Crazy With Chris Avenant

Junior Huskie Chris Avenant goes dog wild as Northeastern kicks off their season in street-ball style.

Northeastern kicked off their basketball season on Friday with a three-round dunk competition that honestly looked more intricate and practiced than most of the recent NBA dunk competitions (yes, excluding Blake Griffin's Kia Optima.)

Junior guard Chris Avenant was the eventual winner of the contest, capturing the crown with a trio of high-flying slams. He started with a backwards two-hander, followed it up by catching a bounce off the side of the backboard and throwing down a windmill, and then sealed the deal with a backwards alley-oop that wouldn't be out of place in NBA Street Vol. 2.

I don't expect to see Huskies atop the CAA by March (despite the returning talent that we featured in our CAA Top 10 players list), but if they somehow create a new rule to count flamboyant dunks as four points, Chris Avenant's newfound point total could rocket this team to grand heights.