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UNC-Wilmington Seahawks Fan Creates Some Musical Madness

Coming from the Seahawks' perch, check out this quasi-music video recap of UNC-Wilmington's Midnight Madness festivities. It features slam dunks, player introductions, and more than its fair share of... students dancing?

It doesn't necessarily give the Seahawks' season all that much more hope, but it certainly gives us viewers a taste of what a UNCW home game might feel like this year. From what I can tell, there's no lack of enthusiasm.

My favorite part was the old lady who had Seahawk sock puppets on her hands and was inciting some kind of Mr. Rogers-style pep rally fueled by sock excitement. If Seahawk sock puppets don't get you excited for college basketball then you really need to find a new sport.

(Ed. Note: It is a shame when you look into the crowd and see so many empty seats for an event like this. I felt Loyola did a pretty good job of filling its arena on Friday night. This event looked like it had 100 times as much planning going into it, and a lot less fan participation.)