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Reports: Gregg Marshall staying at Wichita State with new 7-year deal

Wichita's worst nightmare seems to be over as multiple reports have Gregg Marshall staying on as the head coach of the Shockers.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Since the Wichita State Shockers beat Kansas in the Round of 32, the loudest talk has not been about the win by the Shockers, but rather how Alabama was stocking its war chest to woo away Gregg Marshall.

Apparently that war chest didn't go deep enough.

According to multiple reports starting with Bleacher Report's Jason King, Marshall will be staying at Wichita State with a new 7-year deal.

CBS is reporting that the deal is worth $3.3 million per year for the coach, which would make him one of the top paid head man in the country. Not bad for a school in the Missouri Valley Conference.

But even if the cost was high to keep Marshall, the cost of losing him was that much higher. Ben Jacobson just signed a 10-year deal at Northern Iowa; Loyola was on the verge of closing out the CBI title, which they did later Wednesday night; Evansville will be playing for the CIT championship on Thursday.

The Missouri Valley just keeps improving, and Wichita State wants to remain at the forefront of that wave. Consider that if Marshall leaves, this Shocker team could have been gutted, losing Ron Baker and Fred Van Vleet. Consider that the recruiting train he had assembled would have all fallen apart because the top 100 names aren't going to want to play in Wichita any longer.

This was a necessary move for Wichita State, and it ensures that they remain the top dog in the league for at least the next couple of seasons. Plus it makes Kellen happy.