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Never Made the Tournament Club

Kennesaw State comes up painfully short, but is on a tremendous journey

One final Hooty Hoo to the Owls for one heck of a season and many more in the future.

Mid-Major Madness Player of the Week (Feb. 27 - March 5): Kennesaw State guard Terrell Burden

He led the Owls to the program’s first ASUN regular-season Championship, Tournament Championship, and DI NCAA Tournament appearance.

Never Made the Tournament Club, 3/6/23: THE OWLS DID IT

HOOTY MF HOO, BABY! Kennesaw State defeats the hated Flames and becomes 2023’s first team to graduate the club.

The Owls have been an awesome story, but the stakes are dreadfully high

Game of the Day pits our Owls versus Liberty. Plus, we run down the teams we said goodbye to yesterday and who is still fighting for an NCAA Tourney berth.

Never Made the Tournament Club 3/2/23: A Night with the Founders, plus more

Amidst a roller coaster of a few days, Garrett journeyed to watch St. Francis Brooklyn in person to put it all in perspective. Also, the Big Boys stepped up.

Mid-Major Men’s Basketball Conference Tournament Central

Trying to find brackets, times, match-up info and previews of all your favorite mid-major college basketball tournaments? Look no further.

Never Made the Tournament Club, 2/28/23: It’s Working

The madness really gets going today, and we’re keeping it light with a little appetizer.

These teams should move up to Division I, ASAP

Nobody is making the move (yet). So, I picked the schools we all want to see do it.

Never Made the Tournament Club Update 2/11: Hope Springs Forth?

It might be the hope that kills us in the end, but we actually might have some reasons for positivity after a long, depressing winter.

D-III to D-I: St. Thomas another newcomer making waves

The Tommies can’t make the NCAA Tournament, but sure look well on their way to Summit League title contention.

2022-23 Never Made the Tournament Club Preview: Change Sucks (in the context of college basketball)

New season, new NMTC. We break down the upcoming season with predictions, takes and thoughts!

Never Made the Tournament Club, 3/8/22: Longwood comes through

For many years an opportunity to insert phallic jokes into articles, Longwood leaves us all satisfied. Bryant tries to do the same tonight.

Never Made the Tournament Club, 3/3/22: First Big, then South

Don’t trust the Hose; never trust the Hose.

Never Made The Tournament Club, 3/1/22: So it begins

NMTC teams are set to embark on their conference tournament journeys, giving us fans solace amid global crisis once again

Never Made The Tournament Club, 2/22/22: Contenders brace for the final push

Longwood, Bryant, Fort Wayne emerge from a host of lackluster squads as conference tournaments draw near

Never Made the Tournament Club 2021-22, 1/11: The Haunted NMTC

Maybe the first step in defeating our ghosts is acknowledging they exist?

NMTC Update 3/11: A Mouthful of Bad

Disappointment comes in a variety of flavors every year, and sometimes you have to embrace it

NMTC update, March 9: Mostly triumphant?!

Things were going well until the Summit League decided some happiness was too much

NMTC Update: The Citadel’s (Extreme) SoCon Tourney Blues, and more

The Bulldogs’ comically bad SoCon tourney history, plus previews for a big day

NMTC FULL PREVIEW: The long march to freedom

Tuesday’s pain brought us down from any optimism in the worst way possible. We made this preview anyway.

NMTC Update: Conference tournaments are here

We’ve even had some good NMTC news to start it off!

Never Made the Tournament Club 2/21: Who’s goin’ Lion Dancing?

Grand Canyon, South Dakota, others competing for first NCAA bid hope this is their year of good fortune

Never Made The Tournament Club: Grand Canyon and UC Riverside are among the candidates to break through

A January check-in with our favorite group of teams.

This is...the Never Made the Tournament Club

2020 robbed us of

Nobody Makes the Tournament Club: Valediction

So, what now?

Never Made the Tournament Club, 3/10: Disaster.

It was a tough few days for the NMTC.

Never Made the Tournament Club, 3/8: Extinction averted

The Mastodons made us proud.

Never Made the Tournament Club, 3/8: Yikes!

It was a bad, bad day.

Never Made the Tournament Club Update, 3/1: Here’s where we stand

Conference tournaments are approaching: the NMTC awaits its biggest test.

Never Made the Tournament Club, 1/7: This is the way.

Back from hiatus, the NMTC returns with updates on W&M, South Dakota, and others.

2020 Never Made the Tournament Club Primer: Lions in Winter

New teams are on the horizon.

Never Made the Tournament Club 2019, Final Update: Abilene Christian does the thing

This went better than expected.