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GIF: Eastern Kentucky's Marcus Lewis Shakes the Rim With Monster Dunk

Eastern Kentucky's Marcus Lewis is no stranger to high-flying dunks. He added another to the highlight reel during Thursday night's win over Belmont.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

I am really hoping that the video of this dunk is posted somewhere sometime tonight. There is just something about hearing the crowd go nuts right after that makes you go "wow".

Personally, when Eastern Kentucky's Marcus Lewis went baseline for a wide open slam, I said "Ohhhhhhhhhh" for about 45 seconds. The replay made the dunk even better.

But there is no video yet so you need to deal with just a GIF for now. I know, it is terrible, but we also don't want a massive lawsuit on our hands.

Here for your Oh'ing pleasure is Lewis jamming the ball down Belmont's throat and ending any hope of a comeback for the Bruins. The Eastern Kentucky dunk master sure picked the right now to shake the rim.


For more on tonight's 74-63 win by the Colonels, check out our game recap. Marcus will thank you for it by not shoving the ball down your throat.