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OVC: End of Nonconference pretend all-star rosters

OVC squads are ready for conference play. But before they get into that, we take a look at the hypothetical in an all-star/all-conference groupings

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So now that the teams of the OVC are set for conference play, we introduce one last fun bit before conference play begins on Thursday. You get the idea. There are two divisions in the OVC, the East and the West. Here, we have a roster with a group of starters and reserves for each team. So who would make this hypothetical OVC all-star team?



G - Keron Deshields, Senior, Tennessee State

Whoa boy has Tennessee State been impressive. In terms of where this program was a year ago to this year, the Tigers have improved by leaps and bounds. And Deshields a noobie (transferred from Montana) stud on offense and defense has been a huge part of that improvement, leading the team in points, second in assists, and as a defensive standout. Although, this probably isn't the greatest thing to happen to him recently. He just became a dad.

G - Craig Bradshaw, Senior, Belmont

The OVC preseason player of the year knows what to do with a basketball in his hands. He has been among the conferences' best all-around players since his time began in Nashville. His success has continued into his senior year, but with  Belmont struggling as of late, he might just need to step it up a bit.

G/F - Jarelle Reischel, Senior, Eastern Kentucky

Reischel, a two-time transfer and veteran of the mid-major ranks, has finally found a place to act in a starring role. As one of the conference's best scorers, Reischel is the No. 1 tool for new coach Dan McHale. We'll see if he and his supporting cast can do enough to succeed in OVC play.

F - Wayne Martin, Junior, Tennessee State

Another Tiger newcomer makes it onto the starting five of the East all-star bunch. It's hard to argue when you watch and see how he holds down the paint. It is his space, be it by grabbing rebounds and deterring shots. Martin's presence has been of extreme importance to TSU's success.

F - Evan Bradds Jr., Junior, Belmont

If you've followed the OVC, you've heard of the exploits of Evan Bradds. He has cooled off as of late, but there were several instances at the start of the season where Bradds put up double-digit shot totals, but would miss one or two shots total.


G - Torrance Rowe, Senior, Tennessee Tech

He scores. He dishes it out in large numbers. Torrance Rowe has done a lot for a Golden Eagles team that is noticeably better and could find its way into contention in the OVC East.

G/F - Javontae Hawkins, Junior, Eastern Kentucky

Hawkins has a diverse arsenal that is growing as he receives more touches, and at times he'll have to carry the burden of the offense if Reischel continues to have back troubles. He's hitting 3's, scoring on acrobatic moves to the bucket and more. He does however, need to find a better handle on the ball. He turns it over too much.

G - Malcolm Drumwright, Sophomore, Jacksonville State

You're never quite sure what you'll get out of Drumwright. Me might score a couple baskets. He might put up 29 points. He's definitely super-talented. He is a guy who can bring boosts of energy and can be counted on for a spurt here and there.

F - Ryan Martin, Senior, Tennessee Tech

The Brit has been another important piece for the Golden Eagles, on the offensive and defensive end.

Coaches' pick

F - Nick Mayo, Freshman, Eastern Kentucky

Mayo is a great young guy to have at the end of a talented squad like this. EKU fans are surely happy to have another super guy in a white head band.



G - Josh Robinson, Sophomore, Austin Peay

After a not-so-hot start, Robinson has been an integral part of a Governors team that has come back to show life. The young guard knows how to fill the hoop up.

G - Burak Eslik, Junior, Southern Illinois-Edwardsville

Burak's most important performance was a dazzling 23-point effort in a win over a solid Southern Illinois squad. The junior from Turkey scored in double digits in eight of the year's first nine games. The results he produces from here on out could mean a lot to the success of the Cougars.

G/F - Trae Anderson, Senior, Eastern Illinois

EIU hasn't had a lot going for it so far. Trae Anderson is a reliable player who can take over a game on offense when necessary. That doesn't mean it translates to wins for the Panthers.

F - Wayne Langston, Senior, Murray State

Matt McMahon's team is struggling. But without Wayne Langston...oh boy things could be really bad if that were the case. Murray State is a talented bunch, but it's some untapped talent to this point. Murray State is hoping conference play means change.

F - Chris Horton, Senior, Austin Peay Governors

If I could put the POTY honors on anyone up to this point, it'd be Chris Horton. Though Belmont's Bradds comes in at a close second, it is Horton who can really take over games more so than any in the conference, be it scoring or just plucking boards like they were sugar plumbs.


F - Twymond Howard, Senior, UT-Martin

The senior forward is the acting threat in the low-post for the Skyhawks, a group that has underwhelmed this season. His play, if improved, could mean a lot for the 'Hawks to surge and possibly be the best team in the East.

F - Jeffery Moss, Senior, Murray State

Moss is the most experienced returner for the Racers and continues to play the most minutes. His role is essential, and he needs to see the court for the Racers to operate. We'll say he'd come off the bench for the West as well.

G - Antonious Cleveland, Junior, Southeast Missouri State

With all the turmoil surrounding the RedHawks, the guy that can be counted on has to be Cleveland, who makes the most out of a sticky situation.

G- Bryce Jones, Junior, Murray State

The quick guard lives to play low to the ground and get to the hoop. His ability to do and create scoring opportunities for other offensive studs has to be well-liked by his team. He'd fit in on this group for sure.

Coaches' pick

G - Corban Collins, Junior, Morehead State

Don't let MSU fool you. No one is blowing things away in terms of stats for Morehead, but Corban Collins can ball. He'd be fun in an all-star game and he'll sure be fun in conference play.