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Video: Long Island's Jason Brickman Shows Off Skills

Jason Brickman might be underrated as a point guard among people who aren't familiar with the Northeast Conference. But that might change when they get a taste of what the Long Island junior can do in his latest promo video.

Long Island's Jason Brickman doesn't get the spotlight on the Blackbirds, but that might change with his new promo video. The junior point guard is featured shooting and doing ball handling drills by himself in the gym.

He shows off the kind of agility that should have him as possibly the best floor leader in the Northeast Conference this season. If he were at another university, he might even get more publicity as one of the top points in the country.

Those that saw him last year already know that he has the chops to land a possible first team all-conference spot. His 1.73 HW30 score from last year was third on his team, behind stars Julian Boyd and Jamal Olasewere. And his 249 assists (and 35.6 percent assist rate, 25th in the country) helped those two achieve all they did on the offensive end.

Brickman almost found himself with an even bigger role this season, given all the turmoil that surrounding the beginning of the school year. This video and his strong performance last year, shows that he has the chops to handle it (which he will have to do during the first two conference games, with Boyd and Olasewere forced to sit).