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Video: Highlights From Belmont's Win Over Lipscomb

You can't appreciate how quick the ball leaves Ian Clark's hands until you see it on film. Belmont released a highlight video from its opening night win over Lipscomb, and now everyone has a chance to appreciate Clark's talent.

It's known as the Battle of the Boulevard, and we wish we could have had someone in Nashville to cover it. But with so much happening on opening night, the game between Belmont and Lipscomb took almost a back seat to some of the other great action.

Have no fear. The Belmont athletic department released a video of the highlights from the Bruins' 89-60 win.

What struck me the most in the video is the quick release that Ian Clark has from long range, at least in these highlights. The ball seems to rocket out of his hands on almost a straight line to the basket.

Kerron Johnson also has a chance to display some of his shooting and passing skills in the short clip.

Overall, this was a good win for Belmont to start the year, in a rivalry game that didn't disappoint, ... at least for fans of the Bruins.