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Gonzaga Basketball: Even Great at Trick Shots

The Gonzaga men's basketball team had some free time, so they put together a video of trick shots. Which I must admit, is equal parts sophomoric goofiness and downright impressive.

Believe it or not, the Bulldogs are good at many things. Like, say, winning games. As it turns out, they also have enormous amounts of free time on their hands, enough to make a nearly six minute video of trick shots, including a hollywood-esque intro of the "starts" of this flick.

Some highlights:

1:10 "The Trash Can"

1:50 "From the Rafters"

2:12 "The Birther"

2:50 "The Gorilla"

3:48 "The Just Barely"

4:45 "Halfcourt From the Floor" - naturally followed by "The Worm" and a booty pop.

5:12 "The Bounce"

And of course, lots of other awful dance moves throughout this wonderful video. Surely many other teams out there have this much unsupervised free time (and this many open baskets, good grief). Hop to it, athletes!