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Video: Matthew Dellavedova Hits 3 at Buzzer to Beat BYU

Yeah, this happened last night.

Just when you were about to write off the Gaels, Matthew Dellavedova goes and does something like that.

You could make the argument that for a non-Big 6 team, this was a major win. St. Mary's nonconference schedule didn't quite hold up the way it would have wanted it to.

A win against Drexel isn't what it was perceived to be before the season started. The Gaels struggled with Harvard of all teams, and Utah State didn't even give them a top-100 win, according to Ken Pom.

As a result, the beating of the Cougars was only the second top 100 victory of the year for St. Mary's to go along with three losses in that hallowed ground: Georgia Tech, Northern Iowa and Gonzaga.

BYU might not be getting the respect it deserves nationally for its season yet, but once the numbers are crunched, this is going to look like a mighty nice ribbon on the resume of the Gaels, and could possibly make the difference between a four-letter tournament and a three-letter tournament come March.

A win over Gonzaga later in the year might make a difference too. Hey, every little bit helps.