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Frantz Massenat Swishes Half-Court Winner, Breathes Fire

The Drexel Dragons have had a hard season. They were expected to head to the NCAA Tournament behind Frantz Massenat's point guard play, and while injuries and underperforming play have effectively doomed their season, that can't hold back Massenat from making the shot of the NCAA season.

Sooooooo, yeah, Drexel won against Hofstra on Wednesday night on a half court buzzer-beater from Frantz Massenat. That he was breaking through a double team and trying to get a handle on the ball is just gravy on the shot.

Hold on, we are getting ahead of ourselves. Let's slow it all own and take a closer look.

Obviously the shot is phenomenal. But Massenat did so much in those 5.9 seconds before literally swishing the shot that it almost dwarfs the shot itself.


He gets the ball, back to the basket, turns around and finds himself in a double team. His first try to break the press is unsuccessful and actually almost ends up with the ball out of bounds. But then he recovers, gets his hands on the ball, and decides that his Dragons really didn't need to see another five minutes of play time.